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We hold our giveaways in the spring and fall each year. We are looking for volunteers to help set-up, sort, organize, put together large items, monitor and answer questions during the giveaway, and to clean up afterwards. We have jobs for every type of person with no skill set required!


At each of our semi-annual giveaways we help 2000 children. We have also added mini giveaways through out the year based on need, including: Christmas, Swimsuits & Jackets, and School Supplies. We have seen growth with each giveaway, welcoming familiar faces throughout the years as well as meeting new families at every giveaway!

Find out how you can donate your children’s’ items to The Kid’s Pantry or how you can help by supporting us financially!

Spring 2012


Fall 2012

Spring 2013

Spring 2014

  • I saw a flyer at Arlington Heights Library just the day before. I have twin grand-daughters that are 8 months old and their mother is disabled. I was able to find a twin stroller and sleepers in the babies size. We were blessed that the babies were born healthy and feel blessed again be the generosity of all here.  Thank You!

  • Thank you Christian Life Church for your generosity. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2011. I was blessed with a beautiful little girl and I'm seeing that although God will bring you out of the most difficult times to bring you back to Him. Please continue to pray for me.

  • Thank you so much! This has been an amazing experience. Being a single mom, it's hard to balance finances. It's hard to keep up on clothes with my 2 growing kids. The staff was very friendly and caring. Sooo happy I heard about this! Thank you so very much.

  • My husband broke his foot and couldn't work a year ago. Finances were a huge stress in our lives. He lost his job because they couldn't wait for him to heal. We didn't know if or when he would be hired back. It was such a blessing to get clothes and shoes for our daughter and some toys for Christmas presents. Thank you again this Spring. I look forward to the time when I will be able to give back. Thank You!

  • Thank you for all you have done for our family. This program is wonderful and we will make good use of all the items you have allowed us to acquire. Thank you!

  • Thank you for providing my daughter with toys she wouldn't otherwise have!

  • Christian Life Church and the Kid's Pantry has helped so much to keep our 4 kids in clothes that fit each season, leaving money available for our family to purchase other things that we need. Last Fall, I asked the volunteers here if they had any men's clothes for my brother that had just been released from prison - he had nothing. The volunteers directed me to a back hallway with several bags of clothes that were going to be donated. I received a large amount of clothes for my brother and he was incredibly thankful. This Kid's Pantry is a great service to the community. Thank you for all you do!!

  • Thank you for sponsoring this great service. It was very well organized and we were able to find some needed things.

  • The Kid's Pantry Giveaway was a great event! Thank you so much for all the great items. Very well organized.

  • The Kid's Pantry has been such a blessing to so many families. We were fortunate to be one of those families. Our daughter had twins, a boy and a girl, last year. We called Jodi and she said, "not to worry - those babies will be blessed!" And blessed, they were! Jodi, Stephanie, Amber and others helped us put together a care package - along with items we bought, we had enough stuff that my car was loaded from top to bottom. We were blessed with a double stroller and a single stroller, two pack-n-plays, several play mats, and lots of baby clothes. We drove everything to Texas. This year, we were blessed with even more items! We moved to Texas to be nearer to the twins, and were able to bring down two portable cribs so the kids have something to sleep in when they come to grandma & papa's house. And, more clothes, of course! These Texan babies are definitely gonna be Cubs fans! Thanks so much to CLC for sponsoring this, and to Jodi for heading it up. I can't thank you enough! Love you all! Sharon E.

  • The pantry is fantastic! They helped me out greatly when I needed a bigger car seat for my son. I wasn't able to come to the giveaway and I called and you guys and you went the extra step to hold it for me till the next day! I drive down from lake villa.  Thank you so much!

  • The Kid's Pantry has helped my family so much. We've been blessed at all of the previous giveaways and walked away with everything we needed--clothes, shoes, bottles, cups, and of course toys/books for my 5 year old! It's such a relief that I didn't have to buy clothing for my girls, so I could save and put that money towards rent and bills! It really helped us out tremendously in our times of need. I want to thank everyone there for being so supportive and their time. And I hope you stick around for a while longer!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! AND GOD BLESS YOU :)

  • My kids were in need of winter clothes and i was able to find enough outfits to put them through the winter. Thanks so much!!!!!

  • First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you that volunteered your time to make these giveaways possible! We have been going every year for the past 4 years or so. We look forward to them every year! It has helped us so many more ways than one. The feeling that I have when my girls have clothes on their back for the season is such a weight off of my shoulders. Times are very hard and we are so blessed to have The Kid's Pantry in our community to help us! Thanks everyone and God Bless!!!

  • Thank you so much for everything you do!! There isn't enough praise in the world for all the hard work you do! I struggle so much financially and the pantry is truly a blessing. I have two kids to clothe and the pantry helps alleviate any worry as to how I'm going to afford it. Not only is this free (donations welcome), but the clothing you have is nice. I can't believe some of the things I've found there. God bless each and every one of the volunteers. :-)

  • The Kids Pantry has been such a huge help to my family. My husband and I were recently blessed with a newborn son but since I am still pursuing my studies money is tight. The Kids Pantry has helped us cloth our new baby and give him toys that he would otherwise not have. Thank you for all that you do! It makes a huge difference for so many families like us!


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